Scientific equipment is back in service! Department of luminescent materials and dyes named after B.M. Krasovytskyi

          In the realities of war, when there is shelling of infrastructure facilities, including power generation plants, it is necessary to have devices that ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity for the continuous operation of scientific instruments. And the supply of electricity with a stable voltage is especially important for modern spectral instruments, which can give false results when the mains voltage changes, and in the worst case, they can fail.

      At the SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, many insrtruments are used for scientific work, in particular, in the department of luminescent materials and dyes named after B.M. Krasovytskyi, research is being conducted using the "ChronosFD" (ISS Inc.) spectrofluorometer, which allows measuring steady state and fluorescence lifetimes of dyes, the "Cary Eclipse" (Agilent) spectrofluorometer for studying steady state fluorescence, and the "Lambda 35" (PerkinElmer) spectrophotometer for measuring electron absorption spectra. PowerWalker VFI6000 TGB uninterruptible power supply was installed to ensure the operation of these devices. Thanks to this, scientists have the opportunity to continue work and develop new materials for medical diagnostics and biomedical research, such as immunological research, obtaining data on the structure of proteins, diagnosing infectious diseases, etc.


           We are grateful to all benefactors, especially the Institute of Organic Chemistry from the city of Prague and the Ukrainian Charity Fund "Peaceful Heaven of Kharkiv", who joined the "Help SSI ISC" campaign, which enabled SSI ISC to get an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). For now, we can perform our work qualitatively in this difficult time for all of us.