PhD thesis has been defended

The defense of the PhD thesis titled "Spectral and acid-base properties of bis-chromophore systems with interfragmental charge transfer" by Sanin E.V., the leading engineer of SSI STC "Institute for Single Crystals", has been held on June 26, 2015.

The thesis for the Candidate of Science degree in chemistry, speciality 02.00.04 – physical chemistry.- V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, 2015.

Intensively coloured and fluorescent compounds are of exceptional importance, and they are used as dyes, optical whiteners, and biological markers. The objects of investigations are compounds with interfragmental charge transfer. Such a phenomenon can influence on the spectral behaviour of aimed compounds and also can form new absorption bands of high sensibility to environment properties. The influences of acid-base properties, specific and none-specific intermolecular interactions in solvents and polymer matrices of different polarity, polarizability, nucleophility, and electrophility on spectral properties of cinnamoylpyrone vynylogs and derivatives and of 2-(3-coumaroyl)benzopyrylium cations are studied. It has been found that cinnamoylpyrone vynylogs and derivatives could be used as luminescent probes and classification dyes for polymers, as well as acid-base fluorescent
indicators in wide pH/H0 range. A new method for the detection of proteins in solutions and physiologic liquids using some 2-(3-coumaroyl)benzopyrylium cations was proposed.

KEYWORDS: chromophore, interfragmental charge transfer, classification dyes, luminescent probes.

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